Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sick? Did you say sick?

Okay, maybe it's just the power of suggestion, but I feel as though I'm getting sick. I read today where some nasty virus is going around, and now I'm convinced I'm doing battle with it. Nothing bad yet, just that shaky feeling in your limbs and those heart palpatations. Wait, that sounds like stress, doesn't it? No one ever accused me of being a doctor, just a hypochondriac.
On the knitting front, there's no knitting front. I've been sewing wrap-around skirts for our "Under The Sea" fundraiser at work.
I've got one more to do tonight, then I'm finished! These things are easy-peasy, and take less than 2.5 yds. of fabric for the longest version. The "girls" in the office are wearing these that night. It was suggested that you wear "cruise" wear, but since I've never been on a cruise, I thought these would do. We all picked out our own fabric, so we wouldn't look like triplets, although I don't think anyone would confuse my 44-yr. old self with the 20 something other two. No, definitely not. I'll try to get some pics so I can wow you all.
I do have some knitting to show you, although they've been on the needles for about a month (or two). These are geisha socks, from Spun Magazine.They're completely finished, except for the part where I graft the toe on the one. It's not hard, and I know how to do it, but it's so - final. Actually, I just have start-itis, so these have been left languishing in a basket with other knitting orphans. I used some kind of sock yarn from Elann, but I'd have to get up and look at the band to tell you, so I guess you'll never know. I originally bought the yarn to make the Six Socks knit-a-long spiral socks, but those suckers beat the hell out of me, so I started the geisha socks. A year later. It took me that long to get over my hurt feelings about the spiral socks. We're cool now, mainly because the spiral socks don't exist.
As soon as this fundraiser is over I will will will get back to knitting and not falling asleep before 10pm!

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