Monday, April 03, 2006

Back Again

It's been a long week, but I'm still here. I had an early morning appt. to have my tooth pulled today. I wasn't able to save the tooth with a root canal (how sad - NOT) because the roots were "fragile". Whatever that means. They had to section the tooth to get it out. Section, as in cut it into 3 pieces with that high-pitched instrument of torture. I kept my eyes closed the entire time, but I swear the dentist had pliers in his hand, and one foot braced on the chair. Oh, it was gross. I took one pain pill and slept pretty much all day long. I'm grouchy and have a headache now. And man, that surgical packing stuff sure smells and tastes like a**.
I do have some knitting news. Here it is:

This is the flower basket shawl from Interweave Knits (Fall 2004), or it will be when I finish it. I may have said this before, but bear with me, I'm on pain meds. I'm using some of my handspun alpaca, and making the shawl as large as possible. I'm hoping to get it finished by the 29th, for a wedding gift. I haven't worked on anything else lately - too busy. We had two shows last week - MOMIX (The Passion) and Broadway! The Star-Spangled Celebration (can't find a link to that show!). MOMIX was fantastic. They're dance illusionists, using music and graphics to enhance mood they create. Naturally we had some people who were offended. They didn't like the fact that the dancers wore form-fitting costumes. They were offended that there were "rear-ends aloft" (their words, not mine). Apparently someone hasn't ever seen the ballet. I was dumbfounded when I ran into my first unhappy camper at the morning show. I wasn't even sure that we had seen the same show! Oh well, some people live to be offended. The second show, Broadway, was on Sunday, and yes, it was a long day. The cast and crew of that show had 3 meals by noon! Then there was the little problem with the 60 towels the dancers needed that we didn't have. Well, we had towels, but they were all dirty. Towels don't fall under my job description, but everyone does what needs to be done around here. I took my student helper and 2 large trashbags of towels to the laundromat, armed with detergent, softener, and $30.00 worth of quarters. We got back in time to make sure lunch was set up. It all worked out in the end. Everyone had fresh smelling towels and a hot lunch. We won't discuss the fact that someone in production forgot to turn on the ice machine, so they took all my ice for the dancers legs. That meant warm drinks. Sigh. They went through every last case of water, 4 large jugs of juice, 30 small bottles of juice, 4.5 cases of pop, and all the sweet tea. Thirsty little buggers. Anyway, I took today off to recoup and to get my tooth extracted. Now I'm going to get some more knitting done. Happy belated April Fool's Day!

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Anonymous said...

geez, no wonder you were tired when i called ya, you have been working your little buttocks off!!!! JESS