Monday, May 29, 2006

I Can't Believe I Lost The Camera Cord

But all is not lost - I'm going to get a card reader tomorrow. Because I can't download pictures, I have to tell you things. Vacation things.
1. It was hot.
2. I rode Soarin' and Mission:Space at Epcot.
3. The latter was a bad idea.
4. I snorkled off the Dry Tortugas.
5. Tortuga means turtle.
6. I ate sushi.
7. I drank Kirin for the first time.
8. I picked a crab for the first time.
9. I rode from Clemson, SC to Key West in a Mazda Miata, and back again.
10. He traded it in for a bigger car today.
11. Saw The DaVinci Code and MI3.
12. Drank Yueng Ling beer.
13. Saw a pregnant woman wearing a bikini.
14. Turns out she wasn't pregnant.
15. I broke out in hives one night. Bad hives.
16. I almost finished the second Jaywalker.
17. I didn't buy any souvenirs.
18. I didn't get to one freaking yarn or fabric store.
19. I got early birthday presents.
20. One of them was an RCA mp3 player.
21. I love it.
22. Glad to be home!
Okay, if anyone is still reading, I have a question. I want to make a nursing pillow, like a Boppy. Has anyone done this? I found this great link to Jan Andrea, and I think I may give it a go. I am also thinking of making the baby slings. Anyone ever use one of these?
Update on babies Daniel and Luke: They're both just under 2 lbs. now, one is at 68% for his "age", and I forget what the other one is - maybe like 43%? The doctor was assuming they would be larger because my daughter has diabetes, but they're on the small side. She gained 2 lbs. last month, and all but 3 oz. was baby weight. I saw the latest sonogram (ultrasound?) of them, and they looks so cute. Relatively speaking.
Hopefully I can get a card reader soon, so I can thrill you with my vacation pictures!


epgraves said...

"9. I rode from Clemson, SC to Key West in a Mazda Miata, and back again."

Please tell me that you made that ride with your Clemson Flags attached to your window and flapping in the wind! Those Gator freaks use to do it all the time when I was up your way in the "Party days", so I hope you took advantage of chance.

How does one "Pick a crab?"
Hope it wasn't actually "Picked off of a person, cuz, eeeeeeewwwwwww!

amanda said...

Sounds like quite an adventure and a good vacation!

Glad to hear that babies are in good shape - I think you can absolutely make a boppy - nothing terribly mysterious about a C shaped pillow. Hey, you can make some cute covers also! Fun!