Sunday, May 07, 2006

It's My Obsession

I just can't help myself. I see something, I have to have it. Like these:My daughter was checking out knitting blogs (go Jesse!) and found them here. Which is why I made this, too:The second picture is closer to the true color of the fabric. This is all Caitlyn's fault. And Jessica's. Because of that, I am linking to Caitlyn from my incredibly popular blog, and Jesse gets the purse. The cookies are really easy to make, and incredibly delicious, but the bag was not. First of all, I let the women in my LQS (local quilting store) talk me into using a very thick, stiff interfacing for the purse, which it didn't call for. I'm easy, so sue me. It was a mistake. It turned out okay, but not great. I will make another one, but not with interfacing that stiff. By the way, this is the pattern. It's Amy Butler fabric, too. I'm really getting into this retro fabric thing. Stop me now, someone!
I'll leave you with a shot of some of my cool vintage buttons. And Sister Betsy, I don't want to hear it - you got the pinking shears!


Jesse said...

OH yay!! I love it!!

caitlyn said...

The purse is really cute! Glad you liked the cookies.

Anonymous said...

What! Like sister Shannon doesn't have pinking shears too! Duh!