Thursday, June 01, 2006

Enquiring Minds

want to know how I know the woman in the bikini wasn't pregnant. Oh believe me, I made sure I got up close and personal. She came out of the water and sprawled out on her towel (not pretty, I assure you), so I made sure I casually walked by a few times. First of all, although I know women are having and have always had babies well into their 40's, this woman would have been lucky to see 50 again. The real teller came when she was on her back - you know how you can tell fake boobs by the prone position? Well, you can tell fat that way, too. It all kinda slides out to the side, like real boobs after time. She reminded me of an egg in a skillet - you crack it flat in the pan, and it spreads out.
Okay, enough of the fat lady in the bikini. I had to try on two different outfits this morning before I found one I could breath in. It's hell when it's too hot to wear good foundation garments. Really limits the wardrobe. Maybe I'll just find a flesh-colored bikini and say I'm pregnant.

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Amanda said...

Oof - I just saw the picture and okay, SHE may not be pregnant, but how about her date? Oh my.

You are way too good to me with all of your sweet comments! My wedding blog is but all of the pictures of fun things (dresses, shoes, shawls, purses) are on the knitting blog. check back at the wedding blog - I fully intend to cram it as full of wedding pictures as soon as I possibly can after 6/28!