Wednesday, June 28, 2006

New Meme

Stolen (acquired?) from Leslie.

"Take a look around you. Other than your computer, peripherals, a desk/table, and chair--- what are the five things nearest to you right now?"

1. The cat all stretched out on the hardwood floor.
2. Letters to my daughter and grandmother, ready for mailing.
3. Pictures I just got back from Snapfish.
4. My feet, they're tan.
5. A big container of homemade chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies (thanks for the recipe, Betsy, they're good) , ready to go to work tomorrow.

Wow, that was boring. I knew I shouldn't have cleaned up my kitchen this afternoon.

And Amy Lu, let me know when you post your senior (high school, that is) memories - I'm such a sucker for those things!

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Marietta said...

just found you through knitplosion - i loved your body double - i've done that several times for sewing and making life size dummies (stage props) - thakns for the link to sense and sensibility patterns...look forward to seeing your 1914 muslin