Saturday, June 03, 2006

Pisgah Inn

Just got back from a night at the Pisgah Inn - an early birthday getaway. This place is in the middle of nowhere, and I love it! If you've ever ridden the Blue Ridge Parkway in NC, you've probably seen it. The views and the food make up for the rooms. Here's a view from the dining lodge last night.It rained pretty hard on the way up, but it was just on and off again when we got there. You really can't beat their food and prices. We both had the Grilled Boneless Porkchop, which happens to be bigger than most steaks I've ever had. It came with apple bacon kraut, a salad, mashed potatoes, and vegetables. Nothing was overcooked, the portions were normal sized, and they use what tastes like all fresh ingredients and herbs. The best part - it was only $8.50. Our entire bill, with the coffe and pie a la mode, came to $22.00. Even if you don't stay here, try the restaurant. Breakfast was equally good and cheap!! Here are some of the views this morning:
We usually go hiking when we're up here, but I wanted to go shopping. First we tried Asheville, but apparently everyone else was trying there, too. We gave up and headed to Hendersonville. They weren't as crowded, but after walking Main Street, and visiting the Mast General Store, we decided to head home. Just not a good shopping day. Every other time I went to Hendersonville, the little knitting/yarn store on Main Street was closed, today they were gone. Totally. Closed up and left town, I guess. I was tired anyway, so I didn't really care. The nicest part of the day was sleeping on the way home. The sun roof was open, I tilted the seat back and I was out. The new Solara is VERY conducive to sleep - if you're the passenger. I still haven't been granted permission to drive it yet, but for now I'm content to sleep in it.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! Ok - I'm hooked! Find us jobs ~ we're coming down!! The jobs suck here and so does the $$. I'm ready to bail! Just don't tell my mom!


p.s. Your bday present will be late as usual! ;o)

Donna said...

I had no idea the place was so affordable. What about the Inn prices for rooms? Affordable, too?