Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Danger Will Robinson!

There's knitting content ahead!! BUT - first let's address Marietta's comment on my last post. Mar, baby, I love you. Please feel free to compliment any time you'd like. I can take it. Yes, I'm too young for that child to be mine. But I had her when I was 9, so it's okay. For all of you out there who are wondering what kind of person has a child at 9, I was lying. I wasn't 9. It was a joke. I was 10.

Back to the knitting content. Okay, here are some gratuitous shots of the Old Friend Pullover.

First, while she's bathing.

Then while she's relaxing on an OLD quilt on the spare bed.

The cat, P-Titty, is facilitating the drying and blocking process, don't you know. These are only her sleeves (the sweaters, not the cats. We don't allow the cat to wear clothing). I had to do the body separately because I ran out of pins. I think most of them are in my vacuum cleaner, after my recent sewing frenzy.

Next is the unveiling of the St. Brigid. Poor old Brigid was started a year ago (to the month) and picked up infrequently (very) throughout the year. This is once again KnitPicks Wool of the Andes, in Stream.

This is the back, and I'll need to check to see if I have one repeat left, or if I'm done. And yes, for those of you with eagle eyes, there are wobbly parts. Deal with it. It's the back. It's a feature, not a flaw (thanks again, Marietta!). I'm a member of the St. Brigid Knit-a-long, which is revving back up for a Sept. start. Maybe this is the year!


heidi said...

st brigid looks really good so far

Marietta said...

theresa - i do my best
and you are right it is a feature!