Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Now I'm Pi$$ed!

Okay, I'd like to share my weekend in Savannah with everyone, (which includes yarn and patterns) but as usual, I'm having Blogger problems. What is it with the picture problem? I can't get any pics to upload. I had to play with the problem before - use "none" as the layout, etc., but now nothing works. Anyone have any ideas?? I think this is their ploy to get me to actually pay for an account!!


epgraves said...

I'm having the same problem and it comes and goes since I started my blog months ago. Today I just uploaded to Image Shack and hot linked a photo. I'm getting sick of it too.

Donna said...

Get yourself a Flickr account for pictures. It is sooo much better than that crap photo thing wtih Blogger.

So, Savannah, eh? Did you go to the best yarn store in town--Wild Fibre?? If not, then definitely put that on your list of things to do next time around.

Beverly said...

Now, now Theresa as a fellow "free blogger" blogger. I'm sure you know the saying. "You get what you pay for."

I've been pi$$ed many a day, but not pi$$ed enough yet to pay and to lazy to do all the blog development. I'm sure that's part of their sinister plan.

Shannon said...

Just a thought...I bet it depends where there servers are...like CA. If they are having the same problems that "My Space" was having that could be it. They were totally down because of the power outages in CA which is where they have the servers hosted.