Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Baby Dan Comes Home!

It just occurred to me why "Baby Dan" sounds so familiar. It sounds like "Cap'n Dan" from Forrest Gump. I'll be sure NOT to tell my daughter that.
They brought him home yesterday, with at stop here at the university (hey all you USC fans - GO TIGERS!).
For all of you getting tired of the baby pictures, guess what? Baby Luke will probably come home today, and you know what that means!


Beth said...

Tired of baby pictures? Never! This is a great one, by the way. I love the way everyone is smiling so much.

Leslie said...

Grandma looks glowing and so proud. Never can have too many pics. What kind of grandmother would NOT show pictures? Babies are precious no matter if they're Tigers or Gamecocks!

Shannon said...

Bring on the Pictures! We can never have enough! Love them!