Thursday, August 31, 2006

I Do Declare!

(in my best Yankee girl southern accent) y'all are so sweet! Your comments have been fun to read - I'm on such an ego trip.
To Vera - no, the babies aren't identical. Thank goodness, because I can't call them by the correct name as it is.
To Beverly - I keep hoping that maybe it won't be too cold this winter, so I can finish the other sock over next summer!
To Shannon - I'd like to think that my teacher is just oh-so-impressed that I can listen and knit at the same time. Sometimes I even talk and knit at the same time. What incredible talent.
To Amanda - Where the heck have you been?? Ah, you newlyweds. All love and head in the clouds. And knitting, I see.
To EPGraves - Well dang, you're right. They ARE cute babies!
Before I get into my latest project, here are some new pics of the babies. Get used to it, there's another 18 yrs. or so of this.

Daniel (almost 7 lbs. now) is the sleeping one in back. Luke (almost 6 lbs.) is the alert one in front. They've already established personalities. Daniel is very laid back, sleeps and eats. Luke seems to stay awake all the time, and is very interested in everything around him. Neither one is fussy or cries a lot. In fact, they rarely cry.
I watched all four boys last Monday while Mom and Dad went to a parent/teacher conference. Bowen informed me that night that not only did I not have liver spots, but I didn't have that old person's smell, either. He's almost 5, people. I was afraid to ask him where he heard that one!
Okay, on to my latest project.

Enter the Amy Butler Charm Quilt, in the Free Spirit line. I think this is do-able. For me, anyway. I really, really need to get into my sewing room and do something. Cleaning would be a good start, but then I'd never get to sewing.
The Lorna's Laces sock is coming along nicely, but I think I may need to buy that second skein. Damn. I was hoping to get away with one skein and just make short socks.
I'll leave you with a cloud picture from this week. I won't tell you how dangerous it is to drive and take pictures, I'm sure you already know. I'm just not used to seeing clouds going straight up. I also won't tell you what I thought when I first saw it. Bad, bad girl.


Vera said...

I guess that's Daniel sleeping.

I can guess what you saw in that cloud.

Shannon said...

Bowen cracks me up! Who has he been hangin' with?

Cloud...hum...a rocket? ;o)

Beverly said...

You can never have too many baby pics.

Mr. Bowen has some very interesting and correct observations. You've got to find out where he's getting his info. ;)

As for the clouds, obviously great minds think alike. (Shame on you all!)

epgraves said...

Your seeing porn in the clouds?
How long has it been?

Donna said...

Naughty, naughty, naughty! :)

The babies are just so adorable. Of course, you knew that already.

ANNA said...

I happened upon your blog googling amy butler stuff....I'm a quilter, and very rarely knit, but my 9yr old wants to, so I've got to teach her....anyhow, enjoyed reading your blog, hearing about your twin grands, and seeing your stuff. What will you do with those Amy Butler charm squares?
~anna in md of Little Bird Quilts & Not By Bread Alone Bakery
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