Thursday, August 10, 2006

This is a knitting blog??

You'd never know it, would you? Who has time for knitting when there are babies around?
Ladies and Gentlemen, for the first time, I present Daniel and Luke!

This is Daniel, the bigger baby, without his hat. He's got brown/gold hair, and looks like his Dad and brother Bowen. He's a bit jaundiced in this pic.

Here he is with Bowen.

This is Luke, our little baby. He's down in the 3lb. range now, and isn't able to come into the room because his body temp is too low. See, even though his name isn't Chuck, he's cold. They tell us he's perfectly healthy, just early. He's nursing every bit as well as his brother.

Here's Luke again, this time looking exactly like his Great-Aunt Betsy. Some kids will do anything for toys from Target. That's Aunt Betsy in the second picture. Maybe a baby picture of her would be better.

Here are the two "big" boys, with Daniel.

Still not sure when everyone will be coming home, but they've said that they'll probably keep Luke longer because of his body temperature. Anyone ever heard of this baby body temp thing?


Beth said...

Congratulations on your new grandchildren! How exciting!

I don't know much about the low temp thing, but something similar happened when my daughter was born (12 years ago today!). The hospital kept her under heat lamps for several hours because her body temperature wouldn't come up to normal. It was driving me crazy and I kept sending my husband down the hall to check on her. (I told her about that last night and she said "Well, you are kind of demanding." Gee whiz!)

Leslie said...

I knew it....Those babies are precious. There is nothing anyone could knit that would ever compare to the knitting together of that took place to create these precious little ones!

Beverly said...

They are so precious. Little Luke will be home with Daniel and the big boys before you know it.

Shannon said...

Congrats Everyone!! Hey, how about "Cool Hand Luke"? Isn't that better than Cold Chuck? ;o)

Can't wait to see the coming home pictures!!