Friday, September 29, 2006


Wow, what an evening we had last night! Our chamber music series, the Lillian and Robert Utsey Chamber Music Series (South Carolina's only endowment dedicated to presenting free chamber music), is always free of charge. We have regular series lovers who come to all the concerts, new folks who just love music of any kind, a few people who come to see what they can get for free, and a handful of students who have to come for their music class. Last night we expected our usual 350 or so people to brave the rain to hear the Claremont Trio. The theatre opens at 6:30, and the house at 8:00. By 7:30 we had run out of programs. We had approximately 750 people seated when the house closed, and then about 50 or so more stragglers who had to wait to be seated. And nobody left disappointed! I had expected to be home by 10pm - at the latest. I had no idea I would still be in the theatre at that time! People poured out to buy the trio's CD's, and to have them autographed. What a great night. The only down part was the fact that a lot of folks don't know what proper concert etiquette is. There were people text messaging all through the concert (although everyone is told to turn their cell phones OFF) and some even had their iPods and headphones on for the entire concert. Even as I write this I'm getting angry. I can overlook the cutoffs and flipflops and hats in a concert hall. Okay, so I can't. I'm lying. That p*sses me off, too. But at least be courteous to the performers. It's not a rock concert. Maybe that's the problem. Everyone must think a concert is a concert, is a concert. WRONG. Okay, off my soapbox.
Here are some shots after the performance. I purposely left the one with me out of the lineup. I looked incredibly like my dead grandmother. Then, not now.

The ladies with our house manager, box office manager, and our director.

Being interviewed for radio after the concert.


Beth said...

I'm glad you had such a terrific turnout! I can't believe people were text messaging! And why go to a concert (of any kind) and leave your iPod in your ears?!

histfan said...

The Claremeont Trio are great. I have heard them perform three concerts of Beethoven Piano Sonatas at the Gardner Museum in Boston, Ma.

Donna politely answers my queries on the Claremont blog. I am glad that you appreciate them as well.


Leslie said...

You have GOT to love your job. Am I right?

Julie said...

On your enthusiastic recommendation, I have just ordered their CD from their website.
I can sort of understand the text messaging -- it's not as obtrusive as actually talking. I think most people think cell phones "off" is the same as silent. But the ipods? Makes no sense.

Shannon said...

I can't believe the lack of etiquette! Some peoples kids!

I noticed that they are coming to East Lansing in March. That's about a 2 hr. drive but sounds like it's worth it!

Donna said...

It doesn't much bother me what people wear to events. I can usually overlook that. However, if said people are part of my family, then they have to dress up for a concert! :) My daughter would be there in jeans if I let her.

Glad you had such a wonderful time with this event. It sounds like lots of fun.