Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Vintage Knitting

As in "I knit it a LONG time ago!" This is the mother of all those lovely boys I call grandsons, when she was 7. This was when I bought all my yarn and knitting supplies at the local Ben Franklin's. I didn't know any other place that sold such things (that I could afford!) No Hobby Lobby, no Michael's, no online anything. You couldn't even buy double pointed needles there, so I improvised by using two circulars for the sleeves. If only I had thought to capitalize on the idea - I'd be rich!!
I love the patterns in this book - Leisure Arts Seamless Raglans. I have the original 1979 booklet, but it has since been republished. I've seen it at Michael's, for around $11. It has cardigans and pullovers for sizes 9 mos. to size 50. And it's knit in the round. No seaming. Need I say more? I had been knitting for about 10 years, off and on, when I made the sweater in the picture. I didn't know any other knitters at the time, so I just used my little booklet entitled "Learn To Knit". It worked. Pure acrylic yarn, so it lasted for just about forever. It's probably still languishing in some thrift shop. I wish I had a picture of the one I made for myself. I used all my leftover balls of yarn - looked like Joseph's coat of many colors. I loved it, but I'm sure it was awful looking!
Here are a few items that the 7-yr.-old girl in the picture went on to produce. Good work, don't you think?


Beth said...

Wow! The babies are getting big! What a great picture!

Beverly said...

Her best work. The twins have really gotten big.

I have the same leaflet. Twice. And I've somehow turned into something of a yarn snob. :(