Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My Quilting Blog

I've thrown down the needles. No, not as a dare, I just threw them down. I'm all about fabric these days. It happens. I made a cute little Halloween wallhanging recently. The wallhanging turned out great, it's my photography skills that need help. I started this thing waaaaaayyyy back when. Like 5 years ago. It was featured on an Alex Anderson show, and the pattern was online. I looked it up when I finally got around to finishing it, and the link is gone. History. Too bad, because it was easy, too. The link says the show was from 2004, but I originally saw long before that.
I machine quilted it, and put buttons on for eyes. It looks pretty pitiful in the photo. If you click on it, it'll show up larger, and hopefully you can see some of the details. It's black, orange and green - not that you can tell that here.

I'm working on another quilt, a small one, from Denyse Schmidt's book. I had it all laid out on the family room floor, and the next day it was a ball of cat hair and fabric triangles. I was steamin' mad! I was going to put up a flannel wall, when I read this tip from another Theresa. She says, "I just laid (the quilt pieces) it out on the back of a vinyl tablecloth, which our teacher suggested using for a design works really well! The fabric sticks to the fuzzy back side."

Wow, how cool is that idea? And cheap, too. I'm so going to W*l-M*art to buy some vinyl/flannel tablecloths.

We had the Trinity Irish Dancers here on Monday - another great show.

They used some soundtracks, but mostly have live music. I've been lucky so far this year - they were another bunch of great people! I didn't get home until midnight, so this has been a tough week for an old granny like me. All I want is some sleep! Along those lines, I'm keeping all four grandsons overnight on Friday. My idea. I am so a glutton for punishment.


Leslie said...

The Halloween quilt is adorable. I've been thinking about making a couple of trick or treat bags out of Halloween fabric. Isn't it nice to do something different every now and then? Although I try to have something small to knit when I watch TV.

Shannon said...

The quilt looks great! What a great idea using the table cloth for the cut pieces. I'll have to tell Missy since she is a quilter.

I'm so envious that you get to see such great shows! That's one show I know I'd really love. Although you are going to be paying for those late nights come Saturday morning when all the boys wake up! ;o)

Beverly said...

Cultured and artistic. You're debunking the southern mystique.

The quilt is too cute. Isn't great to have such diverse interests. I'm sure you never get bored.

Angie said...

Cute, cute halloween wallhanging!! And the vinyl tablecloth really does work....that's what's on my wall. :)