Thursday, October 26, 2006

Two Week Hiatus

Has it really been two weeks? Are you sure? Prove it.

I could be talking about blogging. Or sex. Take your pick. Either way, it just seems like yesterday.

Let's see, what's happened since I've seen you last? Hmmmm. I'm thinking. Okay, eight shows. That's 8. EIGHT. Crazy amount. The Dukes of Dixieland, San Jose Taiko, Chamber Orchestra Kremlin and The Parsons Dance Company. Throw in dinners and some receptions and there you have it. That may seem like 4 to you, but there were 2 of each. Morning and evening. Morning shows are for kids, which is why I've also been sick since our last meeting. It never fails. Two days after the kids show up, I have a cold. From now on I'm going to greet them at the double doors with a can of Lysol. No one gets in without a spray.

The shows were great, everyone of them. I can't imagine how "uncultured" I used to be. Ha!

Last Saturday was John's birthday and Clemson's homecoming. Almost all the kids were home, and we celebrated the birthday at noon on Saturday. ESPN was in Clemson, so everyone wanted to spend the day downtown, trying to get on TV. Lots of hangovers ensued. As I'm sure you all know, Clemson kicked butt. Go Tigers! The little boys (or should I say the middle boys?) carved pumpkins.

See - we've been busy!!

John and I spent Sunday driving around, enjoying the foliage. Old age is hell. We went to Caesar's Head, and then over to Brevard for some lunch (at Big Mike's - great sandwiches) and some shopping. What a gorgeous day! I got these:

I love it when John buys ME something for his birthday!

I have been looking at my knitting, sitting in piles and bags and boxes in my craft room. I'll have to take a picture of said craft room soon, so you can see why there has been no actual knitting happening. It's more like a craft "storage" room. No freaking room for anything else to happen! I pulled my sewing cabinet out into the family room to work on a quilt I'm quilting. Who wants to sit in a windowless room, facing a wall, when you can be sewing and watching the big screen TV, and hearing the surround sound? I like to multi-task. Also, it was a sight warmer next to the fireplace. Our heat pump died last month, and when we finally called to get it fixed, we were put on a waiting list. I really haven't missed it at all, except when I'm trying to sew. I say we never get the heat pump fixed and see how it goes. We have two gas fireplaces - what else do you need? A well-timed hot flash will take care of the rest.

Here's Daniel, in a dorky hat I knit a few years back. In fact, I knit it before Bowen was born. He and Toby were lucky enough to get out of wearing it. Daniel looks like he can't believe I put it on him, much less knit it myself.

Hopefully I'll do something creative soon, so I can blog about it. I know you're all thrilled! Story at 11!!


Anonymous said...

I liked the pictures you sent me. I will say, Jessie does a great job at putting kids to sleep. It's a good thing she got out of that education career.
On the other hand, if I ever have kids, she will be the first person I call.

Beth said...

I think the hat is cute. And look how big he's getting!

Beverly said...

He's chunked up!! You'd better get the hat shot now. It's probably your last chance.

I know how you feel about the kids. I live with a teacher who's always bringing something home.

Shannon said...

The kids are all getting So big! And I wish I could go on all those adventures with you. Seems like I never get out of the house! And don't get me started with SICK kids!!