Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Autumn View From My Window

I'm lucky enough to sit right next to a big window, and I thought I'd share. Our building is roughly a horseshoe shape, and this is the courtyard in the middle. Students sit out there in nice weather, and sometimes there's a class being held. Once I got to watch some dancers from a show we were having practice on the grass. Of course, I was busy working at the time, so I couldn't watch too long. There are always birds and squirrels up in the tree, and the occasional skink on the windowsill. In the summertime all I can see are green leaves!! (It's a crape myrtle).
I'm actually in a hotel in Tifton, GA right now (love that free wireless) but I thought I'd share my window shot with you.
Thanks for the comments on the felting. I will probably end up using my daughter's machine. I can't figure out how people felt in a front loader - I put the clogs in twice, for the entire cycle, and nothing. I didn't even check them. But because I'm a glutton for punishment, I knitted a bag on the way down here, to be felted at a later date. I'm going to start a new pair of clogs on the way home, if we're able to leave early enough.
It was almost 80 degrees here today at ABAC. Can you believe that? It's almost December people, bring on the snow. Okay, the rain.


Donna said...

It's way too warm for December. I'm not liking it a bit.

Love your view! It's nice having a window to look out when you are stuck at work.

epgraves said...

The picture is nice but looking at a photo of a work place on the weekend doesn't make you feel yucky knowing that it's just sitting there dormant waiting to suck you back in on Monday?