Thursday, November 09, 2006

Diggin' in the Scrap Bag

I totally ignored the fact that I had a ton of reading to do for tonight's class, and sat down to sew something. Anything. Sometimes I spin my wheels - picking out a pattern, trying to find just the right fabric, cleaning up the sewing room - so much so that I never get anything made. I can't take that first step! So last night I pulled out my scrap bin and just starting putting stuff together. I made a few small nine-patch pieces for closet and drawer sachets, and then started playing around with wonky pieces, and some log cabin piecing. Because everything seemed to be working so well, I tried my hand at a quilted card. Hey, what fun! The only problem is that sometimes my machine wants to skip a stitch or two. Anyone know what that's all about? Shannon, Betsy?
Here is the pink piece that I tried to make off-kilter. My sense of symmetry kept wanting to make everything straight and neat, so I just kept cutting the edges crooked. It's a start.

Here's the little card I made. This was so much fun, and so easy! I started thinking (always a mistake) that you could embellish these with just about anything!

Below is a sampling of what I worked on. Little bits of this and that. My goal was to not use any fabric that wasn't in the scrap bag. They'd probably be more aesthetically pleasing if I had, but this is what you get.

I've been looking at making the Fiber Trends felted clogs, but if I make them for a gift, how do I know what size to knit them? Anyone have any experience with them?


Beth said...

I've made the clogs before. I had to keep felting them and trying them on. The length was right, but they are still wide on me. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what to tell you if they are for a gift. Is there an Internet chart for foot size verus average length/width?

Julie said...

Hey, coincidentally, I have just completed my 1st pair of Fiber Trends felt clogs! Must be that "great minds think alike" thing, again. If you know the recipient's shoe size, the pattern is written for women's 6,8,10, and men's 11, 13. So there's a little size gap in there -- I haven't figured out whether it makes much difference, though.

Donna said...

I lover your patchwork cloth things. Very pretty.

Shannon said...

Check out this site about the skipped stitches: