Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ghosties, Tank Engines and Some Funky Star Wars Thing

Baby Ghosts
Halloween 2006
Okay, this is the second time trying to write and post this. I'll not try again, so it had better work. (click on the pics to see them larger)
Did we have some cute trick or treaters or what?? Of course, they were our ONLY ones, but by far the cutest. Toby and Bowen wore outfits like the babies back in 2001. Wait, let me go dig up the picture . . .
Halloween in Clemson 2001
Go HERE if you want to see the Halloween page from 2001 (don't everyone go at one time now, no pushing and shoving).
I do have some funky hairstyles, don't I?
It was a quiet night - after the boys came over we watched Casper, The Friendly Ghost, ate popcorn and played with babies.
I managed to finish the quilt my Mom made for my Grandmother's 90th birthday (tomorrow). I just got it 2 weeks ago. Yes. 2 weeks. So I quilted it in my copius spare time. I finished hand sewing the binding last night, and now it's in my car, waiting to be shipping overnight to Ohio. As you can tell, the cat loves it.
Mimi's quilt
Mimi's quilt
I've been doing a bit of brainless knitting, and planning some knitted and sewn Christmas gifts. I love the sachet idea in Denyse Schmidt's book, maybe filled with rosemary or cedar chips. I've got some other things in mind - more later.


Beth said...

That's a wonderful quilt for your granmda! And it's so special that you and your mom both worked on it.

Donna said...

The quilt is gorgeous.

epgraves said...

Those twin are pretty big just to have been born and very expressive faces! Almost like "Old Souls."

Beverly said...

The "butterballs" are cute. The quilt is lovely. Your granda will be so happy.

Marietta said...

oh my1 look a he twins!!! so big they are!!! :)