Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Visit from the Harley Mama

Oh, my sister is going to love that title! This past Friday my sister and BIL and another couple trailered their motorcycles up from Jacksonville for the weekend. We had such a great weekend! Friday night we all went to Sardi's (in Clemson, not that one) for ribs and drinks. I had wanted to go to a new wing place, but wasn't sure it was open yet. I wish we would have, because it burned to the ground over the weekend. Must've been some really hot wings.

From left to right, Pam, Betsy and me. I really need to stop retouching my pictures so much. I look like I eat botox for breakfast.
Saturday morning they suited up for the drive to Gatlinburg. John and I drove their Explorer so we'd have room for everyone when we wanted to go somewhere together. It was cold, so they put on all their leathers and whatever else it takes to ride in chilly weather. Here's the photographic proof:

John standing by to help Betsy with her helmet.

Help needed, help given.

Help with the left glove.

Help with the right glove.

More help with the right glove.

Short of an act of Congress, they're ready to ride!

Well, we all made it as far as Cashiers, NC, when it was decided that it really was too cold for such foolishness. Told you so!! We all turned back to head home, warmed up a bit and then piled in to the car for the trip!
We stayed on top of Ski Mountain, where my sister promptly spotted a bear while standing on the deck of the condo. Did I mention my sister has this deep-rooted irrational fear of bears? I say irrational, only because I don't know where she gets it. She managed to spot bears the entire weekend. We walked around Gatlinburg, ate at No Way Jose's, did some shopping - all the usual stuff. I'm hoping she sends me her pictures soon, because she got some of the bear in the woods!!
They stayed an extra day at our place so they could go riding around on Monday. It was still cold, but they were out almost all day. It was such a pleasant visit - we had never met the other couple before but by the time they left they were practically family. Whether they liked it or not!
I did get some knitting done while riding, but I haven't taken a picture yet. Fodder for tomorrow's blog!

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Leslie said...

Good to hear from you. Am envious that you have made a trip to Tennessee. I bet it was gorgous, even in the cold.