Friday, December 15, 2006

News! News!

I finished more clogs, and I'm going to draw it out! Here's the orange kool-aid dyed yarn, all made up and felted into the clogs.

I was having the grandsons try them on so I could see what size to make them, and Toby decided that not only did the orange fit, but he wanted them. I didn't put the non-skid soles on yet, so he was very impressed that they were like ice skates on the wood floors. Here's the action shot:

In between all the knitting and working, I've been baking, and here's the proof:

All that is not the news in the title, though. The biggest and best news lately is that John has accepted a position at ABAC, so we'll be moving to Tifton, GA soon. He'll be starting the first of the year, and I'll follow when I get a job, or the house sells. Whichever comes first!


Anonymous said...

Congrats and good luck. Of course I had to do some searching to see what ABAC is. The baked goods look delish. I haven't started yet.

I would have never thought the boys would like clogs. What a neat idea.

Julie said...

Congratulations! I hope the house sells quickly & you find work that you love.
These felt clogs do seem to have that effect on people. My daughter wants hers now, even though they're supposed to be for Christmas. I already gave her college roommate hers, and she seems to love them.

Beth said...

Congratulations on your husband's new job! Soon we'll have another Georgia knitter!!!

Donna said...

Oh, yummy. Your baked goods made me hungry!! I'm going to whip up some cookie dough this week so that we can do our holiday baking, too. We have company coming on Saturday, so I want a few goodies for them.

Congratulations on the new hubby job!

Leslie said...

Will you be able to find the same kind of work in Tifton as what you have now? I have always been envious of your job.

Tusa said...

Well done! Happy New Year and hope everything goes well.

Clogs look good too!

Marietta said...

mmmm cookies....can i come over and have some please :)