Monday, January 29, 2007

Happy Blogday to Me!

Hmmm, an entire year of sporadic blogging, go me! If someone had told me I would be welcoming 2 more grandsons (the twins) and moving to GA, I probably would have climbed under a rock and stayed there. Of course, I'm not in GA yet, so I had better not jinx it.
On the knitting front, I have no pics. Just lazy. But - I did finish up another pair of Fiber Trends clogs, and this sweater: The Old Friend Sweater by Peace Fleece.

(photo lifted from the Camilla Valley Farm site, great company, especially for Philospher's Wool stuff.) I made it up with KnitPicks Wool of the Andes, in cranberry. I can't remember how many skeins I bought, but I ended up not using 4 of them. I think that's a good deal. I'm not sure if the yarn will pill, but so far I love it. It's soft and drapes well, and it's warm! It was all of 19 degrees this morning, way too cold for me!
I am also looking at making Eunny's Print O' the Wave Stole, here. I am thinking of KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud, in Tide Pool Heather.

There's something about those blues and green that I just love.
On the quilting and sewing side, I'm almost (almost, almost) done sorting and packing my sewing/craft room. Of course now I'm looking for a pattern I think I packed away already! I couldn't help myself and I had to order some things from Keepsake Quilting. C'mon people, it was my last catalogue if I didn't order. Have you seen their catalogues?? I spend days looking at them. I don't order often (I think 2002 was my last order) but I want to! This time I got this:

and this:

and this:

and lastly, this:

Keep in mind that they're just the patterns! And they'll probably stay that way.
Our house went on the market last weekend, and now I'm getting worried that no one will want it. Ever. It doesn't help that it has finally turned cold. The realtor said things will pick up in the spring, but I want them to pick up now. John is getting an apt. to stay in down in Tifton, until the house sells and we can BOTH move. If I could get a job down there, I'd move now!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with selling the house!

Anonymous said...

Glad all is well. It is cold and getting colder, so don't fret. Things will work themselves out.

Love the quilt choices. I've been unpacking my quilting supplies and putting them up in the room. Maybe in the spring I'll get the time.

Good luck with everything.

Shannon said...

Love the tulip pattern. I'll take one with a sage border and burgandy/reds for the flowers. ;o)

Ya know you are suppose to bury a statue in the garden to help sell the house. I forget which Saint it is...but pray and put it in the garden. It's a catholic thing. Have you ever heard of that? I'll have to ask Matt's mom which St. it is. Good luck hun!