Monday, January 01, 2007

Sorry, Please Try Again.

That was sort of the day I was having last week, but until I twisted the cap off my Pepsi and saw those words, I wasn't sure how to describe it. Simply amazing that Pepsi says it all. It was the morning Bowen confessed to breaking John's DS Lite when he dropped it. Not that he was supposed to be touching it or anything . . . You do realize that there are no more DS Lites to be found - ANYWHERE. Just a second ago John popped in the bedroom to tell me that he had ordered the thing online, which means that he does indeed have the receipt. Good thing, because without it we were screwed.
Christmas went well, except for the brother-in-law trying to fly out of Denver. He got home to KY Christmas Eve, and the entire family jumped in the car and made it to SC on Christmas day. Better them than me.
And then there was John's ex-wife at Christmas, too. Sigh. She kept it low-key, but I can't figure out why she was even there. HELLO, you're divorced, please leave the premises. I was nice, of course, but I didn't want to be so. John's Mom called me a trooper. One pissed off trooper, let me tell you. We kept the 3 older grandsons that night, which meant wild boys and remote cars (thanks Vicki, I owe you) running everywhere. Screaming, eating, screaming, some fighting, and finally sleeping. Blissful sleep.
Working up to New Year's, we did some shopping to add to John's wardrobe for the new job. I used my new Rowenta iron (courtesy of my sister) to iron all his new shirts, and everything I could find that looked slightly wrinkled. I even got out all my vintage pillowcases, washed them and ironed the crap out of them, just to pack them away. I do love a good iron. That leads us to the packing. I've been making regular stops at the liquor store for boxes. Everyone who sees us unload in Tifton will think we have a serious drinking problem.
John is going down tomorrow to work for a couple of days, and then coming home for the weekend. We had the realtor over to this house to do a walkthrough, and John is meeting with the realtor and owners of the house in Tifton we like on Weds. We're hoping this all moves quickly. He will be staying in a hotel for the time being. I am hoping to find a job down there soon, because I can't afford not to.
Well, crap. I'm writing this section again because Blogger is a bitch. Okay, again, let me tell you that I made 6 pairs of felted clogs during the holidays. I still have some here, so I'll get a picture when I figure out where I put them. On our whirlwind trip to Gatlinburg right before Christmas, I started on some washcloths and I haven't been able to stop. Here's the proof:

For those of you (like me) who don't have the Mason-Dixon book yet, here's a link to their washcloth pattern. Now I just need to get the book so I can see what else is in there.
I'll leave you with some gratuitous grandson holiday pictures.


Beth said...

Great grandson pictures! I'm not sure what it is about those dishcloths, but I find them to be addicting, too.

Good luck with all of the packing!

Anonymous said...

Oh my God those Holder boys are cuter than the last time I saw them. Give them kisses for me, especially to my father Bowen.

Shannon said...

I love the dirty face pictures! hee hee

Hey, if you have any clogs that are just too small for anyone~I'll take them off your hands ;o) I bet they are warm, right? Heck, I'll take some wash cloths too! ;o)

You sure have been busy for someone that should be packing!

Mothlady said...

I need to try out the dishcloth pattern, they're cute. And the thing about the liquor store boxes... LOL! :D

epgraves said...

Where have you been?

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I'm just now getting to these pictures of the boys, and OMG they are too cute. They are getting so big. I miss the daily snapshots! OH, it's Kelly and I have no idea how this works....