Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Still Plugging Along

Dear Susan of the Thermal Knitalong,
Yes, the ribbing was a bitch. But don't look now, you have 13.5" (or so) to go on the waffle stitch before you can look at the directions again. You may start to believe that someone is frogging your work every night after you go to bed, but no, it's just the longest, most mind-numbing knitting you may ever do. It's a good thing the finished product looks so good. But never fear, you'll be able to wear this sweater in the blizzard of 2023, when you finally get done.


shansays said...

LOL, I have a laceweight shawl that I stated in January, I am certain someone is unknitting it at night. I am also working on a top down cardi in bulky. Hah, it knits itself. Which one do you think is getting more of my precious time?

Marietta said...

oh come now!!! i am sure that there will be a blizzard BEFORE then and ou will be kickng yourself for not having it finished! :)