Friday, May 25, 2007

A Whole Lot A Knittin'

Not goin' on. But there have been other things. Like awards day for the first and second graders. A day just made for Grandmothers! Here's T-Bone bringing in his chair. He's still at the age where it's so cool to see your parents and g'parents at school.He got two awards, yes, count 'em, two. One was for accelerated reading, which made his mother so proud she almost burst through her skin.We had graduation down in Florida for my nephew last week, too. Lots of food and fun, and late nights. This old girl isn't so good at the late night thing. There were margaritas thrown in there, too. Don't ask.
Here's Boo trying on J's mortarboard for size.He's quite the ham, isn't he? We went to our fav JAX mexican restaurant after the ceremony (remember the mention of margaritas?). The place makes the BEST margaritas known to man. Strong, too. Here's the graduate with his cousin, Jess. And here's Jess with her favorite nephew. Okay, one of her favorite nephews.
And none of them even had margaritas!
Which leaves us with the picture that makes my sister's heart stop. Her lovely, precious, toxin-free daughter, holding her cousin's cigarette while said cousin puts on a sweater. Poor Emily, she takes the heat for all the family!And lastly, the latest pic of the house.I have spun two full bobbins of Blue Faced Leiceister, but I can't find my 3rd bobbin so I can ply them. I hope I didn't pack it away yet. How frustrating!

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Morgan said...

Are you? What color is yours? I actually just have to seam the 2 sides together and block it. I did leave off the first inch or so at the beginning. I hope to have actually updated my blog for once I have been so buzy and have finished lots of things!! I can't wait to see it.