Saturday, June 16, 2007

Mango Salsa

So easy even a cave man can do it. Maybe it should be called "Fruit Cocktail." No, no, no, - Starburst Fruit Chews! It looks like the lemon, strawberry and orange ones. I think I had pretty good luck with this skein. It's now being knit into something fun, but I'll save that for another day's blog fodder.
Mango is posing in our room at the Marriott in Atlanta. J. had a meeting with the Board of Regents, so I got to enjoy this fantastic hotel. This is our view from our room at night:
And during the day: This hotel has 50 floors. All stacked one on top of the other, like floors do. What this means is that if your room is on the 33rd floor, and you're afraid of heights, you shouldn't take the glass elevator. Oops, too late. I got a little turned around on Friday morning and ended up riding the elevator up and down, desperately trying to get to the 33rd floor. All the elevators did not go to all of the floors. I accidentally got in one that left the concierge level (where I had just purchased my breakfast) and would stop only at floors 41-50. I knew I was in trouble when my ears popped. Anyone looking in the glass elevator would have seen me, white and trembling, with my back pressed against the doors. I was trying to act cool, like I meant to go to the 50th floor, but I don't think I fooled anyone. I found another elevator to take me to the 10th floor, which is the skyline level, where I walked around once again like I meant to be there. That floor offered me the option of going back up to the 33rd floor again. Needless to say, I didn't leave the room until J. got back! I was pretty impressed with myself for not fainting in the elevator. These are some shots of the inside of the hotel. I wish I had taken them at night, but my camera battery was dead. Oh well. (click on the picture if you like to see a larger version)
In the meantime, the Glee sweater is coming along. I'm not loving the yarn - lots of knots, etc. But it does feel good! It's undergoing surgery right now. I managed to miss one or two increases, but it shouldn't be difficult to fix them.
We're heading to St. Simons Island, GA, tomorrow morning so J. can go to a CBO meeting. Yes ma'am, I'm ejoying these meetings!


Beverly said...

Yummy yarn. It reminds me of mangoes and papayas.

Beth said...

It looks like your yarn isn't bothered by heights. :) It's very pretty.

I once had to stay at the Westin in ATL (the tall circular building). Those elevators were confusing, too. And my room swayed. I didn't enjoy that at all. Give me a good ole 2 story Hampton Inn. :)