Monday, June 11, 2007

Now Serving . . .

a whopping plate of Kool-Aid dyed lace-weight Merino. This stuff turned out so great, I can't wait to show you how it looks skeined up!And, while that was cooking up, I managed to ply, wash and skein up my latest handspun, the BFL from Copper Moose. 785 yards so far, and still more left on the bobbins.I'm pretty much a novice at this, and I tend to overspin, but this is what it looked like when it came off the bobbin. Fairly relaxed to my eye, but then again, what do I know about balanced yarn??? I washed (soaked) it and hung it up with a can of soup to weight it, then reskeined it. Here it is in all it's fat little glory.I also don't take very good pictures. I blame it on my camera, because I'm sure I'm really an artiste. All the boys took me swimming on Saturday. I'm way too uptight any more for all this. I kept freaking out, sure that someone, anyone, was drowning. Kids are way too fearless in the pool - everyone's kids. I don't remember being that worried about my own kids swimming (sorry girls!). I just knew that if I didn't pay attention to every child in the pool, they would come into harm's way. Mother Theresa saves the day.
As I write this, it's storming to beat the band. Finally! Here's the proof.I washed both cars yesterday, so everyone can thank me.


Julie said...

Mother Theresa! Good one.

Donna said...

Thank you for the rain! :) We really needed it.

Your hand dyed yarn looks awesome.