Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bags, but not Old Bags

Old Bags would be from my last post. ha-ha, just kidding Purlin' Peaches!

I finished a felted bag for a friend up in SC a while ago, and she's been bugging me to get the picture of it up. Here it is Susan, and as soon as I get motivated, I'll send it to you. Susan knits, but tends to stick with what she knows. She does have the knitter's habit of buying stuff that she would love to make, but doesn't get around to. I remembered her showing me some Lamb's Pride a few summers ago. She had bought it to make a felted purse, but never "got around to it." When we were there at Christmas I bugged her about it, so she dug out the yarn, but couldn't find the pattern. I love Lamb's Pride. Love it. But I never seem to buy it. So I decided I would knit up a purse for her, using her yarn, just for the sheer pleasure of knitting with the Lamb's Pride. It WAS a pleasure - fast knit, good fiber. It even felted in my front loading washing machine. The only bad thing is that I do. not. like. the color combination. Sorry Susan. I won't be carrying it, so I'm not complaining. Much.
Here it is, lounging in my office, getting to know an old typewriter. The eyelash didn't have a ball band, so I don't know what it is, and I didn't use one single pattern. I just kind of read a few different ones and went from there. It's quite roomy, but I think it will need something sturdy for the bottom, so it doesn't sag. Don't we all need something sturdy for our bottoms so they don't sag?
The next bag is one that my husband (I do love saying that - husband, husband, husband. I'm done)bought for me for Christmas. Mind you, he's not the most spontaneous shopper, so I was really surprised to get this. Even more surprised to see what it said on it. Take a good look.

Yes, it says, Angry Little Girls, Angry Since Birth, Shortest Temper on Earth. Hmmm. Turns out he was buying my daughter a purse from this site (something about annoying people of course) and he liked this for me. I'm angry, so sue me. I love it - it's got a cute lining, and a zippered pocket on one side, and two others inside for your cellphone and whatever (iPod maybe). It also has a side zippered pocket on the outside, and a front pocket. It's big enough to carry all my usual purse stuff, plus knitting. Go ahead, go there, I know you want one. Be angry.


Anonymous said...

I so love your angry girl purse. I do want one! I think I will toss the idea around to my mother so she can get it for my birthday. I will need a new purse by then ;)

Theresa said...

I love your blue purse, but I must say - angry is not a good descriptive word for a newlywed! ;-)

Jenny said...

I like the angry girl purse! How cute! But Jordan would probably be afraid to buy me one :-) Do they have a tiny one for Suzi? She's downstairs yelling at her Daddy right now.

Beverly said...

Cool purse. I can't imagine you being the angry little girl, but I can definitely see myself with a b***h tote.