Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Winter Knitting

Here's a quick little knit to whip out. Tudora by Cheryl Marling, in the winter issue of Knitty. The woman LIVES in Dublin, you know, like in Ireland. That always amazes me. People live in Ireland. sigh. Anyway, the first time I saw the pattern I thought, "If I was that good looking, I'd make myself one, too", referring to the picture with the pattern. The woman has no sagging skin on her face. I just hate that. But then I realized if I did make one, I could cover up my sagging chicken neck, IF I had one. cough. cough. Or I could go on a diet, or get plastic surgery. whatever. I opted for the Tudora, knit from some handspun, homegrown alapaca I was gifted back in SC. This is the coolest pattern, and so easy!!

It hadn't been finished yet in this picture, no ends tucked in neatly or blocked. I did all that, and added a neat barrel button and it's the sh!t. But . . . it's kinda itchy. The alpaca is as soft as a baby's butt, except when it hits my neck. Then it itches. I guess I don't have to worry overmuch about it, since it supposed to be near 80 degrees today.
Since I'm posting, I want to show you what I picked out and my sister bought me when we were in Plains, GA (the birthplace of Jimmy Carter, no less).

$10 bucks, people! I love it! My mother-in-law thinks I've gone off the deep edge. She just doesn't get it. She's all about the new and improved, but like a lot of people her age, she grew up fairly poor and likes things to be new and shiny. I was sure she would get me new cannisters for Christmas, so I could throw away those "old things." She didn't. Thanks, Mom.


Julie said...

LOVE your cannisters, but then I love all vintage kitchen things. I'm especially crazy about old kitchen gadgets.

a simple yarn said...

Blimey! Was that me you were talking about? Could say that it's living in the perpetually moist Irish air that preserves the skin...more like a good photographer-husband...
Love your neckwarmer...well done!