Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Zambian Love

Wonder how many perverted hits I'll get from that title . . .
How cool is it that I know someone who was raised in Zambia? Pretty cool, methinks. Reina is an American citizen now, but she's Indian by race, Hindu by religion, Zambian by birth, and British by education and American by choice. Makes my head swim! She went back to Zambia by way of England this past December for her brother's wedding, and brought us back some goodies. Yes, she did just give them to me today, but I wasn't about to turn down chocolate.

Yes, those are shot glasses, depicting Africa's Big 5. I'm thinking of a good drinking game to use them, something involving beasts of the savannah. If you have any good ideas, let me know. Maybe something like trying to say the name of all of them after drinking a shot from each one. Then rushing me to the hospital for alcohol poisoning.
I've got a keychain from London, which is about as close as I'll ever get, a carved wood rhinocerous pen, and chocolate. The bag is Nestle, something called Quality Street. Different chocolates and toffees, including orange chocolate crunch. Have I told you how much I love orange chocolate? There's something called The Purple One, and coconut eclair, and the Green Triangle. I'll let you know how it all works out for me. Also shown are two Cadbury chocolate bars. OMG. I love cadbury chocolate. I had a customer years ago from England, (dear Mr. Wiggington, love that name) who would bring me Cadbury chocolates. I traded the caramel/chocolate bar for another fruit/nut one. Just like a chunky bar, but better. I ate them already, and am suffering a sugar high like nobody's business. Ugh. Lean Cuisine and Cadbury chocolate. That's so wrong on so many levels.
No really knitting news, just plugging away on the Secret of the Stole II, and finishing up Glee. You've forgotten all about Glee, haven't you? She's not even a year old yet!
John just called to say he went home for lunch, and there were ducks in my garden. Damn, damn, double damn. I put the garden near the house just so the damn ducks would not go near it. The neighbors have two dogs who bark at everything, but apparently the ducks understand all about fences and dogs. I'm threatening to put the cat out to show them who's the boss. I swear, if they've feasted on my lettuce and peas, there'll be roasted duck for supper.

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Julie said...

Loved hearing about your chocolate! I am the original chocoholic and you're right...Cadbury is THE BEST. I actually like it better than Godiva. You hadn't mentioned that you were gardening. Aren't you the busy one? Hope you have some peas and lettuce left when you get home.