Monday, March 03, 2008

Let's Swap!

No, not spit. Gross. Yarn, lots of yarn. Let's swap yarn. I joined a ravelry group called Knit It Forward, and I sent out my package to my swap girl today. I know there's not a snowball's chance in hell that she reads my blog, so I'll show you what I sent.
We were supposed to send yarn, a pattern and a regional item. I researched my partner, and although I didn't have much to go on, I noticed that she knits a lot of socks. I kept hunting for new and interesting sock patterns, but let's face it, they're either free, or she has the book already. So instead I dyed some sock yarn for her, and then gave her some bare sock yarn and some Kool-aid. A duh moment on my part came when I was putting the Kool-aid in the box and realized I had two pkgs. of INVISIBLE Kool-aid. You know, the clear kind. Wow, now there's a color to dye your yarn. I took them out and just put in the orange and pink. Talk about a maroon. I included some KnitPicks double-pointed harmony needles and magnetic knitting poetry. I also put in a traveler's coffee mug with a logo of my place of employment, and for the local item (along with the mug) I added a bag of stone-ground cornmeal, ground right down the street at the Agrirama. Woo-hoo, big time Georgia here. I was going to send her a bag of stone-ground grits, but I hated the thought of perfectly good grits going to waste. I figured if I had never heard of grits before I moved south, chances were good that she wouldn't know what to do with them.
This is my first swap, and although I hit my money limit, I still feel like I should give her more. Like my car payment or 30 extra pounds.


April said...

The car payment and the extra pounds both sound like a great thing to give away...maybe not so great to receive. But it is better to give than to receive :) Anyway, Abigail (the new baby) is really great. She is very calm and easy to please and we are all adjusting well. It is much easier the second time around!

Anonymous said...

Hey there! I received your package today! THANKS! It's so awesome! I love it! You rock!!!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh, and thanks for not sending along the extra pounds and car payment. I have those things already. :)


Beverly said...

Never waste the grits! Only us Southerners can appreciate them. Kinda like sweetened tea!

Theresa said...

I cracked up about the clear kool aid! Like "The Emperor's New Dye"! lol This is a fun swap package.