Thursday, April 24, 2008

Once upon a time . . .

there was a little farm in rural south Georgia. It was the 1880's, the war was over, and life went on.

No, I wasn't alive then, although some days I feel like it. BUT - I visited it the best I could by being a volunteer docent at the Agrirama. It was my first time to volunteer, and I must say I had a blast! They asked me to weave, even though I didn't have a clue. Sue, who works there, warped the 150-yr. old loom, I sewed the wool strips together, and I did the weaving. Obviously she did the hard part!

"my" loom!

Let me back up a bit by telling you that the Agrirama is "Georgia's Museum of Agriculture and Historic Village." I'm so lucky to have such a place right here in Tifton. April 11-12 was the annual Georgia Folklife Festival, with all kinds of neat things going on. Weaving, (of course), sheep shearing, spinning, soap making, cooking, quilting, tatting, basket making, primitive tool making, emptying of the turpentine still, wool dying and loads of other stuff. I'm not sure if the saw mill was running, and I'm pretty sure the cotton gin wasn't going, as it's not the right time of year. Like I know anything about cotton.

Helen at the walking wheel.

So back to me, naturally. I was out in the "traditional" area, 1880s to be exact. There's a church, where there was a group singing at one point during the day, a school house where Miss Ferrrol (sp?) plays the part of the school marm. She's 90 if she's a day, and going strong. They're building a preacher's house, and down the road is where I "live". The room I'm in is between the kitchen and the front part of the house, right off the dogtrot. At one time they had it set up as the girl's bedroom, but that's just something I overheard. The volunteers all ate at different kitchens in different period houses on the grounds. We had (absolutely fantastic) vegetable beef soup, cornbread with fig strawberry preserves, peaches and onions. Everything was cooked over open flame. I wish I had taken a picture of us eating lunch. It was a tad bit eerie- there we were, 8 of us at a time, all dressed accordingly. No tv, no fans, no soda to drink, just good old homemade food and conversation.

Enough of the talk, here are some more pictures. I wish I had gotten more, but I was working after all!


Julie said...

Your photos are wonderful! Would some of those pictures happen to be taken at the Clark cabin? I believe that's the name of the cabin that used to belong to someone in our family and was moved there. I'll check with Mama to be sure. We haven't seen it since it was first moved there. You look so cute in your dress and apron, and I know the weaving was fun for you. I would have enjoyed being there.

Beverly said...

Thanks for the tour. You moved and jumped right into the swing of things. What a fun and interesting way to spend a weekend.

elsa eriika said...

Thank you for wonderful post! It was very interesting to see those pictures!

Leah said...

That is so neat. I wish I could be there too!!! And I want to thank you SO MUCH for the wonderful, wonderful saucy knitters package--can you pass on my thanks too to Jessica? There wasn't a blog link to her--



Theresa said...

I LOVED seeing all these pictures. Lucky you to get a chance to do this. I think this would be fun. BTW, you won a prize in my giveaway! :o)

Yvette said...

Hi Theresa

thanks for nice copmment on my blanket on my blog!

Please tell me - what was in the bucket in the pictures? And the tufty things in the wooden thing with holes?