Thursday, June 12, 2008

Help, I'm Lost!

Not really. But I am having a hard time finding a pattern I want to make. I found the cutest bathing suits (in my opinion) on the official Esther Williams site. I also found a fantastic etsy-er who makes similar suits. And other fantastic vintage-looking clothes. Unfortunately I can't see spending over a $100 on a bathing suit. They are totally worth it, but I don't do sun. And anyway, I'm really bad about seeing something and saying, "Oh, I could make THAT!" Herein lies my problem. I've been looking all over the internet for a suitable pattern. There isn't a pattern store within 50 miles of this small Georgia town, and with gas the way it is, I'm not driving all the way there to find out they don't have what I want. Here's where you all come in. I want a halter-type top - preferrably with a princess type seamline under the bust, and the straps out to the side. I'm sure (!) I can convert it to a two piece if it's only one. Here's a pic I pulled from a store site that I like.
So if anyone out there knows of a pattern, modern or vintage that fits the bill, please let me know, and thanks!


Kelley said...

That is an adorable suit. I can totally see it done up as a swimdress which are my fave. I wish I were brave enough to take on sewing on such stretchy fabric but I'm not. I'm still too new with a sewing machine.

I hope you find the pattern you are looking for.

Theresa said...

Love the swimsuit! Have you tried Kwik Sew patterns - they have a lot of knits. I can't believe how much swim suits cost!