Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Shopping with Theresa

I'm a secretary in a library of a small 4-year college. I don't see a lot of action. I'm not permitted to read during down time (oh sure, then why did you put all these books in here?) and listening to my iPod (mp3 books) is discouraged. Soooo, I organize, play with the typewriter, and go out front and pretend to be a librarian. But mostly I shop online. I admit it. I window shop, I book mark, I scoot over to paypal, and occasionally I pull out that debit/credit card to see what those numbers are.

Since opening my own etsy store (I got a sale, I got a sale!), I've been spending more and more time there. Not that I hadn't been buying things from etsy, I have. I LOVE etsy. No, I LLLLOOOVVEEEE etsy. Get it? So today you get to come shopping with me. We'll start with etsy, and move on to the various and sundry sites I've bookmarked during my times of library hell.

This is my latest find, Nicholas and Felice. (click on the pics to go straight to the item page)

Seriously now, can we say cat and yarn love? This is nothing - look what else they have:

Wait 'til you see their prices. Simply amazing. You must go shopping.

Now this is something I bought for my niece (she is THE princess) from Apple Creek Designs. (since this is mine, I didn't include a link to the item) Go check out their shop, too. Great fused glass pendants.

I must have a bird fetish, because I'm always drawn to bird stuff. All except for bird poop, which they gratefully do not sell on etsy. Yet. Here's one of my favorites from Of Nature Designs.

Or this one, from Designs by Galina.
It's almost lunchtime, (not really, but I'm hungry!) so we'll conclude today's shopping trip. I'll leave you with these gorgeous bracelets from Eastern Sky's shop. I love them all, but that top one is calling my name.


Jenny said...

I have always loved those nest rings. Etsy really is wonderful. Where else can you find handmade things at such a wonderful price? Certainly not in a storefront! A lot of people on my Christmas list will be getting gifts from Etsy, since we have sworn off Wal-Mart. I will be able to curl up with a cup of hot chocolate and watch Christmas movies on Black Friday, rather than go out and try to fight a bunch of rednecks for some annoying toy at Wally World :-)

Theresa said...

Well, you are quite the enabler aren't you! LOL Wow, lots of neat stuff. Congrats on your first sale. I'll have to add you to the list of fiber retailers on my blog.