Monday, December 08, 2008

Is It Snowing There Yet?

That's the question I posed to Diane, and then I went to her blog to read. Please go there now to see her answer.

Back yet? Okay, yep, we're talking 5" thick ice. I guess you could say it's snowing up there. Living in the south throws your sense of seasons off. You see snow on the weather channel, but it's not real when you're running your furnace at night because it drops below 50 degrees. And I grew up in NE Ohio. I guess I put all that winter stuff waaaay out of my mind when I left back in '89. It snowed in May that year. I swore right then and there I was never going through that again. Now I'm sweating like a stuck pig in May, staying inside until evening, when the sun goes down, and I like it like that!

Okay, on to more cheerful things. I'm at home this morning, waiting for the Direct TV guy to show up, so I thought I'd dig out the camera and some projects I finished recently. The first one is my second flower basket shawl.
My friend Kathy gifted this fiber to me for my birthday. It's Cherry Tree Hill Sock Yarn, in salmon. You in the south, make sure you say that with the L intact. saLmon. Anyway, this yarn captivated me from the minute I first felt it, so I cast on right away. It's been finished for some time now, but I've been lazy. Big surprise, huh?

I also made a few baby doll blankets and pillows for the little girls in my life this Christmas. And there sure seem to be a lot of them! I have a boy to sew for, too, and he's getting the same thing, but it'll be a bit more masculine, for his bear. I never know what to make for boys, and I have 5 grandsons. How sorry is that?

Now let me show you a picture of my new side table. Isn't it lovely? I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it, and I had to have it. Christmas presents for others be damned, that table was coming home with me. And anyway, I had a 40% off coupon. It's reclaimed pine, very rustic, with charming glass pulls. I think I saw them at Hobby Lobby. so what.

So, I bought the table. After all, I was driving my husband's little truck, so I would be able to cart it home. I paid for it, and told the woman I was running downtown to K-Mart, so I'd pick it up on the way back. The only reason I was going to the Big K was because my husband, bless his little heart, wanted to put ANOTHER tree in our house. This one in the dining room. Because we all know how much I love decorating for Christmas. NOT. But I was being sweet, so I headed off to K-Mart. I was almost there when the damn truck died. Some nice young man pushed the truck into the gas station parking lot, where I sat for an hour, trying to reach said husband. Turns out he was up in the man cave, sans phone, watching college football. A nice couple stopped by to see if I needed any help, but I told them I was fine, just trying to reach my husband. Truth be told, it did my heart good to know there were people, complete strangers, who were willing to help me out. And I wasn't even wearing any makeup!!! I wasn't too upset though. I was within walking distance of Krystal Burger, Pizza Hut, McDonald's, Waffle House, Arby's, Asahi Express, Red Lobster and Checkers. Needless to say, I was in no danger of starving. I could even walk to K-Mart if I got bored enough. After an hour John finally answered the phone. Turns out the stupid truck ended up getting towed away to the shop. aarrrggghhhh. So then I had to tell him I had bought a table (what??? how much did you pay for it?? always the first question) and we had to stuff it in the car to get home. So much for being sneaky. I know the truck was punishing me for saying we should trade it in that very morning. I didn't think it was listening.


April said...

Your salmon pronunciation cracked me up. Having grown up in GA all of my life and trying to do away with as much southern dialect as possible I have done away with the L. However, my mom always says saLmon and I always correct her. By the way, your projects are beautiful!

MichelleB said...

The shawl is lovely - as are the quilts. That story was funny - don't you hate it when your sneakiness is discovered? Although if it had happened to me, my husband would NEVER have gone and picked up the furniture. I think he would have just left if there. Let's just say we have an excess of furniture.

dogquilter said...

Wow you have been a busy girl. Love the shawl and the doll blankets are too cute!! I'm hoping to see some snow when I go home to visit my family in Maryland over the holidays.

Betsy said...

You should have taken a lesson from me and told him that Grandma Peg left you the table when she died, but I had it at my house until the last time we visited you. You had it in the extra room for months and had to take it to the antique shop to have the leg repaired. Now THAT'S sneaky. Feel free to substitute any item and use this story!