Friday, January 23, 2009

Smart Mouth Sister

My sister

just blogged about the quilt I showed you in my last post.

I think I DID say it was her quilt, right? Apparently all that lemon meringue pie gave her superhuman energy, because she finished sewing the blocks together already. She has a question about finishing it, or rather, putting it together, so please go see her and tell her what you think. Otherwise I'll have to make that LONG (oh please, 2.5 hrs.) trip down there to tell her what to do. You know how I hate to do that. *cough cough*
PS - That's not really her heart you know.
PPS - New blog in town, first post. Go check it out.


Julie said...

I left Betsy my opinion on her quilt squares...I LOVE the little dresses you're making for Grace...Have fun with the Ya-Yas!

I plan to work on Suzi's picture play quilt this weekend.I'll have to get it done before Sunday afternoon as Paul is coming to help me make artichoke relish.Th RA in my hands won't allow me to do it without lots of help. I'll save a big jar for you!

Betsy said...

I hope this doesn't escalate into a "see who can post the most embarrassing sister photo" contest. We have enough of them to go on for years! You win. No more strange pictures!!