Thursday, January 22, 2009

When Life Gives You Winter

Make Quilts!

Hey, why not? Sister Betsy came up to Tifton this past weekend, and heaven forbid we should sit around and not spend money. Someone's got to stimulate this economy, it may as well be us!

We went down to my LQS (local quilting store, in case you were wondering), Country Charm Quilts, and checked out some fabric. I wasn't buying anything that day - my monthly allotment of fabric money was used up in December. Sad, but true. The shop is small (so far) but the owner is very customer oriented, and very helpful. Betsy bought a quilting magazine with a pattern she liked, but because we hadn't spent enough to satisfy the urge, we headed to Moultrie, to Suzanne's Quilt Shop. Moutherwatering, simply mouthwatering. Lots of bright fabrics, lots of 30s fabrics, right up my alley. I dipped into next month's fabric allotment to buy the Sunshine dress pattern from Cheryl Winslow. Betsy ended up buying a bunch of 30's repro fat quarters to make her quilt. We came home and, like all efficient and effective quiliters, cut out everything so she would have NO excuse not to start it right away. Sure. But don't you just love the colors? January is the perfect time for these sunny, happy fabrics.
BTW, did you know that it was 22 degrees here this morning, and 21 degrees in NYC? That's just so wrong on so many levels.


MichelleB said...

Love the quilt pattern, and all of the fabric. Very summery. Although we've pretty much been having summer here. *sigh*

Beverly said...

You're gonna inspire me to pick up my quilting. Love the fabrics. I'll be checking out your sister's blog to see the finished product.