Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Granny Hits the Motherlode

(I've been messing with my template, again, and have screwed up my widgets, again. I'm in the process of returning it to its former splendor.)

or, I Have Friends in Library Places. (where did I put my medication?)

My friend Marie, of Cats and Books, etc., works with me here at the library. She's a bonafide librarian, unlike me. When we first met I was surprised to find out that she grew up right outside of my husband's hometown, (5 hours away in SC) and is approximately his age. Lots of other kind of strange coincidences since then, too many to mention. Marie and I have a mutual love of knitting, among other things, and we enable each other. An academic library isn't the busiest place in the world, so we know a lot of good craft blogs!

This morning the Great and Wonderful Marie brought me two gifts, and this was after she turned down my World's Most Fattening Cupcakes. This is the first gift:You are looking at vintage flour sacking. I know, I know, it looks like the reproduction fabric. ha! 14 pieces of 18"x18" flour sacking. Marie's mom used the flour, then washed and cut the fabric to make Marie big girl panties when she was being potty-trained. (Yes, I'm happy to say the training was successful.) Anyone who loves fabric knows what a wonderful gift this is, what a stupendous gift this is. No Marie, you may not have it back. BUT - I'm sure I'll find a way to reciprocate before I die.

Here are some (bad, sorry) close-ups of the fabric. My favorite is the brown horseshoe and clover fabric. Now I wish flour still came in fabric bags.


Marie said...

I was expecting you to post this sometime this week, but you're really on the ball. The fabric looks even better with your photography. Mama is immortalized. Thank you for not including dates.

B said...

I am so jealous! That flour sacking is amazing.

In December you came by my blog for a giveaway. I'm doing another one if you are interested in stopping by.

a simple yarn said...

My grandmother has a collection of flour sacking fabric. It's fab, isn't it?!? Your pieces are gorgeous!

MichelleB said...

Lovely, lovely pieces!

Yes, you're a no-reply blogger. I think you have to change your blogger profile page - make sure that your email is visible, then people can respond to you. Stop messing with your front page and go mess with your profile! LOL

Betsy said...

I believe that Marie gave you the fabric on the condition that you share it with your sister. Maybe she didn't actually say it, but I know that's what she intended. So I'll see you tonight, flour sacks in hand!