Friday, April 24, 2009

Ah Yes, the Hair

Edited 4/27/09 - found the Nexxus bottle. Product is called Curl Energee. Can't find it locally, but it is for sale online.
So there have been questions about the hair product. My sister called me from JAX (that would be Jacksonville, in Florida, for those of you who are geographically challenged) to ask me what product I was using. She had read the blog and was in Target, hoping to find it. And I had someone (that would be Brenda - had to go check the name!) in the comments ask me about it. Hair products and diet aids. The stuff women are made of. And I don't care if that sentence isn't correct. Bite me. You know what I just realized? If you look at the word Target long enough, it really doesn't look like a real word anymore. But I digress. Back to the hair - the now-empty Nexxus bottle is in my bathroom trash can, and I can't seem to find the exact same item on the Internet. (I think they've replaced it with some new foam junk). I would go get it out of the trash, but I'm here at work, keeping the library running. (Nothing like a GREAT admin. to keep things running. *cough, cough* ) Someone remind me to fish it out when I get home. Since I couldn't seem to find it at Walgreen's the other day (Bad Hair Day), I opted for something I had used before, with great results. This:

It's the spray stuff. I just spray it on the bottom part of my hair (I don't like the top to be curly) and then just use my fingers and a blow dryer to dry it. Hey, wouldn't it be great if my fingers had little blow dryers at their tips, so I could just run them through my hair, fluffing and drying at the same time? How cool. Anyway, this morning my hair wasn't as wild as it usually is, so I decided not to wash it and just sprayed some of this on it to rev the curls up. I sprayed, scrunched, and let it dry. It drys kinda stiff, but then you can just run your fingers (without their little blow dryer tips) through your hair and you end up with curls, not frizz. I also have the gel version of this stuff, but I like this the best. And get this - it was only $5.99 at Walgreen's. AND I got 15% off that! AND a free green tote! (It was earth day). The Nexxus stuff worked just like this. And yes, I will dig through my trash to find it. I just hope they still make it! If not, I'll stick with the Fx Products. With my luck, the Hair Gods are conspiring against me right now, making sure this product is pulled from the shelves soon. I think everyone just wants me to suffer with funky hair. Just call me Miss Paranoid of the Funky Hair.


Anonymous said...

Are you high? The digressions make me think yes.

Marie said...

You poor baby. Just get the damn stuff cut off and let it go natural.

Anonymous said...

Hi Theresa,
Dare I say that I just throw my hair in a bun and I am good to go. Well, not really good to go-I think it is called laziness on my part. LOL
Have a good hair day.

Katy said...

you're hair has been worse (you know what I'm refering to) so don't worry. And Em we don't say hi we just say mom's been visiting a special friend.

shansays said...

My guess is that every damn drug store around here carries Nexus. Ah, New York, how I love you so.

The one thing I always admire about Southern women is there grooming skills. At 40, I have just mastered, mascara, foundation, and lip gloss. You go, girl. I am proud of you.

BTW, my PIF arrived today:) I can't wait to show it off.