Tuesday, April 07, 2009

No Name

I just couldn't cough up a good title for this post, sorry. It's Tuesday and I already feel like I've been depleted of all and any energy I might have had coming to me. It's gone. kaput. history. But I have some crafty things to show you.

I've been working on some stuff for Easter baskets. I refuse to buy them candy, because I know my daughter Katy will buy more of it than any 200 children should ever need. Add to that the other grandmas and great-grandmas, and we've got some sugar-overloads waiting to happen. Instead, I made the twins their very own memory cards, ala Stitched In Time. Did I mention that I lost my first copy of this book? I ended up buying another one in February, about 3 mos. after buying the first one. I have no earthly idea where it might have ended up. Sucks. I just hope if I left it somewhere that someone is enjoying it. This copy has my name and address in it. Okay, back to the memory cards:

I know, I know, my photography skills leave a lot to be desired, but aren't they cute? The twins will be three in August, and I thought this would be the perfect thing for them to play with. They don't get to see their cousin Grace, or Mum Mum and Poppa too much, so this way maybe they'll remember us. I also included a set of Greats, the twins themselves, their cousin Andrew, and their brothers. 18 sets in all. I don't know if they'll ever get to the part where they actually play the memory game, but Luke will have fun throwing them around, and Dan will enjoy lining them up, again and again.

For the three older boys, I made drawing kits. Drawing pad and pencil thingys. I don't have a clasp on this one yet, but that'll happen tonight. I'm going to make them all different, so there won't be any squabbling over which one belongs to which boy.I used a medium weight cotton for this one, and sandwiched some heavy interfacing between the layers. I used denim for the initial. I wanted it to fray, so I just stitched around the raw edge. You know, more manly like that. I'll add a button and loop to keep it closed. And yes, I paid out the ass for those drawing pads. I couldn't find any cheap ones without lines to save myself. The colored pencils are double-ended, so you have 24 colors instead of 12, and I bought each of them a pencil sharpener. I may make a little pouch that attaches to the folder to hold the sharpener so they don't lose it. I found the idea on mmmcrafts, who found it at Skip to my Lou. While I'm incredibly happy to have found it, I'll warn you, the tutorial is more like a list of suggestions. I'm one of those "give it to me step by step" techno people, so this freaked me out. But let's face it, without Skip to my Lou, it wouldn't have happened. thanks again!


MRS MJW said...

I love the idea of the photos on a blanket. Just adorable. :-)

Beverly said...

Totally cool Easter presents.

Anonymous said...


Just FYI...crayola makes blank drawing pads...for just a few bucks. You can get them at walmart in the marker/craft section.