Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Summer Patterns

New to me, anyway. I googled the first pattern and found a website that set me straight.This is Butterick 3133, and I liked it because the front is flat! I need some elastic (let's not go there) but not all the way around. I HATE regular waistlines with zippers, because they take too much adjusting to fit my fat. Then again, my front is not flat, so who knows if it'll work. I want to make capris from this pattern, but I just realized they don't show them. How hard could it be? Famous last words.

By the way, my sister bought these for me and sent them priority. Wasn't that nice?

The next one is Butterick B5363. Sister Betsy gave me some linen she bought (okay, we split it, but I wasn't arguing!) so I could make the top/shirt version. I'm sure someone will ask me if I'm expecting. The capris shown in this pattern have a full elastic waistband, but I really don't want any added bulk. I have enough. The skinny model in thi photo looks great in the outfit, but I'm wondering how much like a third-trimester mother I'll look. It's worth a shot.


Marie said...

At least you only have little rolls; I have a big, fat, pot-belly. Bite the bullet and get you some elastic-waist pants.

Betsy said...

Don't be ridiculous, nobody will think you're're much too old!

Sorry - I had to say that after the little comment about me only giving you 1/2 the linen!

MichelleB said...

LOVE that second pattern! Everyone is wearing that style, so I really think that you're safe!

thread bear said...

Oh, to be able to sew, without letting the machine run away with me!

Anonymous said...

Just as soon as I get used to looking at the man candy, you go and post an update ;P


Beverly said...

Cute patterns. I love the second one. I'm wonder the same thing about the front. Too much going on there right now.