Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Quilt!

I finally bought more batteries for the camera. I'm telling you, I buy AA batteries every time I go to the store, and yet when I need them they can't be found. I did locate a new pkg. with one battery left in it, and my husband swears he didn't touch them. That damn cat had better start buying her own batteries from now on.
I've finished a few things, and needed the camera so I could show you. I'll drag them out a day at a time, since I don't seem to have much to say these days.
This is a 37" x 41" quilt I made for a baby girl who will be here soon. I know what you're thinking - that must be some hippy baby. This is the second daughter, and I figured by now they had enough pink, cuddly blankets to last a while. This quilt is one of those that you won't mind putting on the grass at the park, or throwing over the kids' legs in the car, and they spill their sippy on it!
I used some Amy Butler charm squares I bought a llooonnnngggg time ago, and the border is just something I had in my stash. I have a sneaking suspicion that the blue is actually part of an unfinished project, but oh well. I bound it in orange, because where this particular baby lives, you can never have enough orange!

The lovely Marie assisted me by holding up the quilt, and a big shout out to my sister for gifting me with a walking foot. I'm hooked!


Marie said...

Lovely quilt. I especially like the picture of me holding it. HAHA

Leslie said...

Nice colors. I love it!

Lar said...

It's beautiful!

Jessica said...

The quilt is gorgeous...I know that Jenny, and Ivey are going to LOOOVVE it! You are so talented!