Monday, August 24, 2009

Another Project Waiting in the Wings

I just bought this pattern

from ebay for the low price of $3.99 because my friend Julie made one for her eldest granddaughter on the occasion of her youngest granddaughter's birth! I couldn't resist - I just had to copy! The doll, not the birth. How cute is that picture??

I am planning on making one for this little chubby cheeked baby for her 1st birthday in October.
I even thought about making some for the twins, who just turned 3 this month. I know they're boys, but I thought they would enjoy them. Then I thought better. They would probably fight over them and end up tearing off their arms or legs. I think I'll stick with balls and bats and cars for them! Luke and Grace - the scratches on his face are from his twin brother. I don't think Raggedy Ann and Andy would fare any better. If you look back up to my banner picture, you'll see Luke pinching Dan, and Dan biting Bowen. Brother love at its finest.


Jessica said...

hahah I never noticed that the boys were doing that in the oh my!

I think that Grace will luuuvvv a doll......I can't wait for her to tell you that herself!

Julie said...

Can't wait to see your doll! Will she be traditional or a Theresa's Original? Grace is going to love it so much! Suzi spent last night here and slept with hers.