Thursday, October 01, 2009

Margo Dixie Does Goodwill

And by Goodwill, I don't mean she was running about, throwing alms to the poor. I mean she has hit more Goodwill stores than most people see in a lifetime. Margo Dixie is my nickname for my sister Betsy. We have an Aunt Peggy, whose real name is Margo (or is it Margot?) Anyway, Auntie Margo lives in Ohio and has a big, red barn out back that houses her considerable haul of antiques and stuff. She tells us she is going to start an antiques store, soon. Very soon. We're waiting. She has two floors full of goodies, stashed floor to ceiling, and she loves to buy. Enter my sister, Margo Dixie, because she lives in the south. Margo Dixie recently sold her embroidery business, all if it, and has declared her new profession as - well, junk buyer to the ordinary. No, that's not right. How about Thrifter to the Throngs? Her idea is to find stuff cheap, and fix it up, refurbish or reinvent pieces and resell them. Ta-da - instant job! She's found some great stuff, like the objects in the pictures below.
I love this table - she paid $20 for it, which is high for what she's been paying.

Pillar for $6

Ugly old mirror that she had already, which she painted antique white. Note the nosy cat.

I can't remember what she paid for this table, but it wasn't much. We can't figure out what went in the middle - anyone got any ideas?

This is the before picture of an cheese dome and a candlestick. Margo Dixie hit on the idea of marrying the two to create a brand new masterpiece. I love it!
More later!


MichelleB said...

I love that first table! We used to have one somewhere - or maybe my grandmother had one. I don't know. I just know i love it.

Anonymous said...

We have a cheese dome like that at our yard sale this weekend, but I could not find a wooden candle should have come!!!