Sunday, November 29, 2009

Things I Like

I've been noticing some of the little things I like around my house, and I thought I'd share them with you.

Christmas cactus. Well, more like a Thanksgiving cactus. No, a between Thanksgiving and Christmas cactus.

A metal rabbit I found in Clemson, at (of course) The White Rabbit. I always think of this guy as a toad though.

Two things here: the yo-yo tree and my rolling pins. Oh, and there's the cactus peeking out to the left.

Bench I found in Ohio - love the color.

Painting from my aunt's antique barn. Don't laugh - I like it!

Orange Tree Bowls by Hall China - another gift from my aunt's antique barn.

Stone bird sitting in the breakfast room. I also love the umbrella clothesline in the backyard behind the bird.

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Marie said...

You'll have to point these things out at your Christmas/New Years party. Nice pictures.

Beverly said...

All your finds are beautiful. I love the tree bowl. You should see our "Holiday" cactus. It has bloomed like crazy this year.