Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January Stuff, Blah, Blah, Blah

That sums up January for me, but maybe I should have written bleh, bleh, bleh. Even if something exciting happens, it's still bleh. Must be a holdover from growing up in NE Ohio, because even living in a temperate climate hasn't shaken my belief that January is pretty sucky.

Which means, of course, that I've been knitting. And sewing. And not eating any wheat. A blogless, but by no means voiceless, knitting friend of mine decided to do some charity knitting, namely Wooley Pullies, or helmet liners for soldiers. Someone asked me if maybe that would be a little too warm. Um, it gets cold over there. Google it. She bought the yarn, downloaded the patterns (for there are many) and not one to be outdone, I decided to knit one. Guess what? I lived. And I finished it. It's so cool that I think I'll do some charity knitting for my grandsons and make them each one, because remember, charity starts at home. I should have them ready by the time they're 18.

Here it is, my helmet liner. Tell me this doesn't look like a deflated Homer Simpson character. Doh!

There's been some yarn buying, even better - DRUNKEN yarn buying, but that's fodder for another post. And next week for 4 days I will be attending a Spin-In, in Destin, Florida. Before you get all impressed that I've taken a turn for the healthy, it's a spinning wheel thing, not a bicycle thing. I'll be exercising my right foot and my mouth, and not necessarily in that order. Oh, and my New Year's resolution this year? To become a better wine taster. Next week will probably be the first plunge I take into this difficult resolution. Wish me well.

I'll leave you with an oh-so-charming picture of my new boots and my Vidalia onion sets. I know, I know, how could one person live such an enchanted life? Just lucky, I guess.


Marie said...

This kind of post is fun... but then all your posts are fun.

watalulu said...

Love the liner. I made one for my husband, but I like the look of yours better with the longer ribbing.

Anonymous said...

I've a feeling we're not in January anyomre, Toto.