Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Kingdom For A Heating Pad

I'm cold. My office feels like the inside of my refrigerator. I DARE someone to tell me it's over 70 degrees (the official temp we MUST NOT excede in order to save money) in here. I sat in my car at lunchtime with the windows up and the sun shining in to warm up. It was wonderful! At one time we were allowed to bring in small, portable heaters to use, but that was deemed unsafe and costly, and all such appliances were confiscated. Tomorrow I shall bring in my heating pad, so at least my hiney will be warm. I don't think anyone will want to confiscate something I've been sitting on all day.

So while I've been shivering down here in the tropical south, I've been visiting other climes, via the internet. No, not vacation dreaming, just getting away by reading some blogs. It does work. I dare you to try it. No, not now - I'm not finished!! I thought I'd share a few with you that I've been reading and looking at, because the pictures are key. Imagination is one thing, but like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

The Twice Remembered Cottage
A decorating blog with a killer white chocolate chip cookie recipe that I'm going to try out tonight. Don't miss her kitchen makeover either - find it here.

Minivan Life
A family/crafting blog that makes you want to move in with them. Well, it makes ME want to move in with them! And what a coincidence - she has a brownie recipe up today!

House of Turquoise
One incredible blog that cuts down on my time spent looking for design/color inspiration. I love this color, I love this blog.

Mackville Road
She always makes me want to live where it snows. And that's saying something, considering how miserable I am today!

Always a good read, whether you have babyfingers in your house or not!

So go spend some in someone else's house, and forget how cold you really are!!


Anonymous said...

You are an evil, evil woman. I've been haunting mmmcrafts and just recently Folding Trees for inspirations, and now this (House of Turquoise)...can you and J support three more on your salaries?!?!


Marie said...

Maybe I'll check out those blogs while I'm bored out of my mind on Friday morning.

My word verification today is "rockedis" which is almost a phrase.

Anonymous said...

Hi Theresa! I couldn't help but notice that your email account was from ABAC. Our hometown is actually Waycross.. about an hour from there. Small world isn't it? And thank you so much for kind comments! You made my day! I'm subbing to your blog, so I'll be around!

Feisty Irish Wench said...

I finally finished a long project that hibernated during Florida heat wave and the tail end of a pregnancy. It's done just in time to keep me warm during yet another menopausal Florida season.
I used to work in an office that had no heat, right next to the fire escape. Two thick concrete walls, hard flooring, no heat, and not enough meat on my bones to thaw me.

Beverly said...

How cruel of them to outlaw heaters. I use mine every day for the same reason.