Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Not really, but since all the activities I'm doing are fun, it just feels lazy! I hit the Farmer's Market yesterday and scored on some great veggies, so I made pico de gallo yesterday afternoon. I used jalapenos, cayennes and cilantro from my own garden, and man, it's good. I'm going to use the cukes to make some bread and butter pickles as soon as I make it to the store to buy some of the spices needed.

I finally got up into the attic to get the kiddie pool out so I could clean my fleece (courtesy of my friend, Lisa). I put the pool in the driveway so I wouldn't kill any grass, and placed a layer of black plastic screen down first. I figured it would make it easier to lift out when it came time for rinsing. I didn't feel like adding buckets of hot water to the pool, so I just used the hose (water was lukewarm), added the soap, and figured the sun would warm it up. I don't live in the deep south for nothing.Whew, that sucker sure was fragrant - and hot! I have a new respect for sheep in the summer now!
The garden has been doing fairly well. As you can see from the picture below, the zucchini and cukes are fine, but a little sparse. I only have ONE yellow squash though! Alot of my veggies are dying and falling off the vine when they get about 1.5 inches long. That's what happened to my yellow squash and a lot of the zucchini and cukes. A vendor at the farmer's market told me to sink a bowl of sugar water in the ground where they're planted to attract bees. Unfortunately I think what it will attract is the nasty ants. Do ants pollinate? Because if they do, everything in my garden should be fine. They're all over the blossoms. The tomatoes seem to be doing great, and I should be able to pick my first red one this week - yay!! The first of the grandsons will be here next weekend for his two-week stay at Camp Grandma. Next year I'll probably have to pair a big one with one of the younger twins. Yikes, that ought to be interesting.
By the way, I've misplaced the camera again, so these are all from my iPhone. So that's it for now - hope you're all enjoying this wonderful late spring!


Marie said...

Lazy days are nice, even if you do get something done.

Anonymous said...

I did mean to sign my name under my comment.

Anonymous said...

you do camp grandma, too? My mil does it for all the cousins each summer, usually during the week of VBS at her church. All the projects that I get done...
The veggies look great.
I am loving mine.

Beverly said...

When did you plant? I'm just starting to get cucumbers, squash and tomatoes.

Alaina said...

Nice dish! I'm getting hungrier as I type this.