Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer Days

Just dropped the first participant of Camp Grandma back at his house in South Carolina yesterday, after two weeks of golfing, swimming, baseball and lots of vanilla Sno-Biz snacks. Boy, is it ever quiet in the car now . . .
His mom was the first one to get to him with hugs and kisses, and the next thing we knew, his three brothers and Dad were there to squeeze the stuffing out of him. My head was about to explode with all the talking - everyone at the same time!! It was a lot easier to listen before the twins learned to talk! I tried to get them all together for a family photo, and considering the twins are never still for more than 4 seconds, I think I did pretty well. (Diane, the twins wore their outfits today, and my daughter is sending the pics so I can post them).
The eldest grandson comes to Camp Grandma next week, and next year the twins will probably make their first visit to the camp. I'll start taking my vitamins now.

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Beverly said...

You must be the best grandma in the whole world. I'm sure they think so.