Sunday, January 09, 2011


resolute:[rez-uh-loot] –adjective
1. firmly resolved or determined; set in purpose or opinion.

2. characterized by firmness and determination, as the temper,spirit, actions, etc.

Ah yes, firmness and determination, I remember it fondly. Okay, not really. Being resolute seems so tedious if I spend too much time thinking about it - spontaneously OCD is more my style. That's probably why I am the queen of unfinished projects and countless failed diets. Some of us aren't so much resolute as we are obsessed. And obsessions don't always last for years, or even days. Okay, hours. It takes us being resolute to keep those obsessions going. Wow, I'm beginning to sound like someone's worst nightmare! I was just trying to point out that making resolutions isn't for everyone, and New Year's Resolutions are usually the first ones to fall by the side of the road. I usually use the New Year to make those resolutions that I have had bouncing around in my head for a while. Like spinning. I had my spinning wheel for a few years before I finally made a New Year's resolution to teach myself to spin, and to make it my hobby. Or even my obsession. Mission accomplished. Some years I don't have anything that in mind that I really want to do, so I don't beat myself up trying to come up with something. This year I have a few ideas, none of them really set in stone. Learn to play the mandolin.
Never mind that I don't own a mandolin, or have even touched one. I just think I can do it, and I want to try.

Build a fire pit. My backyard is akin to a football field. Large, grassy, empty. It could use something to break it up. My husband says this is a waste of time. Why? Because he has no interest in it. This is the same man who convinced me to go to Downtown Disney on Christmas Eve, so we don't take his opinions too seriously around here. I took this picture from the Backyard Landscaping site. Neat site, down to earth ideas.

Finish my strip quilt. I just came up with this one, but it's a good idea. That quilt isn't going to finish itself.

Don't start a new project until I finish an old one. Oh, this is never going to work. Why did I even bother to write it?

Clean out my craft room. Easy one. I do this about every 3 months. I guess I should resolve to getting rid of some stuff, and not just giving it to my daughter, so she can become me in 20 years.
Save $50 a month in a separate account. One labeled "Money I Really Shouldn't be Spending at IKEA. Or TJ Maxx. Or Homegoods."
Do you have any resolutions for this fresh, new year?

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